Practical Theology Bibliography

Boston University School of Theology construes the discipline of Practical Theology in a way that focuses on the concrete problems and practices of the church in the world as well as their interpretation by whatever disciplines and approaches are suggested by the problems and practices themselves. For that reason, the following bibliography should in no way be construed as “the essence” of practical theology. An inherent difficulty in producing a “core bibliography” for practical theology is that many of the texts with which all students in the field should be familiar tend to be more philosophical, historical, and methodological when, in practice, the discipline itself relies on contextual research and the kind of analysis that employs a varied range of research from the natural and social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities, in order to interpret and reflect theologically on a given problem or practice. The following bibliography, therefore, pertains only to those suggested works that will contribute to a practical theologian’s understanding of the more general features of the discipline.

The Discipline of Practical Theology




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International Journal of Practical Theology
This journal is present in the STH library and online. Practical Theology students should consult this journal regularly.
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Theological Foundations

Students must demonstrate close reading of classical texts of the Western Christian tradition and must be able to dialogue competently with contemporary theological developments, issues, and trends. Students should be able to locate themselves theologically with regard to major doctrinal questions and should also be deeply conversant with two major theologians, one each from two of the following three periods:

* Classical and Medieval (1st through the 16th Centuries CE)
* Modern (17th through the 19th Centuries CE)
* Contemporary (20th and 21th Centuries CE)

Specifically, students should be prepared to analyze the implications of each theologian’s work for practical theology.


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Theological Interface with Philosophy, Ethics, and the Social Sciences

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Theology and Context

The following list is intended to be illustrative rather than exhaustive of contemporary approaches to contextual theology and also includes theological reflection on the relationship between faith and culture. All practical theology majors should read judiciously from the following list in order to gain a solid grasp of the literature.

Author Year Citation
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Works by Practical Theology Faculty at the School of Theology

The following includes a partial list of faculty publications designed to provide doctoral students an introduction to the practical theological thought and method of those with whom they are studying.