Research Reflections

Cultivating Community and Practical Wisdom through Spiritual Companioning Groups

By Britta Meiers Carlson “For our opening practice today, I invite you to turn off your cameras and close your eyes. Let’s start by taking a deep breath as we come into the space together.” At a time when so much of life happens virtually, encouragement to look away from the screen... More

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Fostering Holy Discontent and Re-creative Resistance: Towards a Virtù-esque Religious Pedagogy

A Response to Alexander Hanan’s Reimaging Liberal Education Jennifer Lewis is a third year PhD student in Practical Theology at the School of Theology. In this CPT Today post, we highlight some of Lewis’s scholarship on religious education.  Alexander Hanan, in Reimagining Liberal Education, argues for an understanding of education that acknowledges... More

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Who Is My Interlocutor?: Doing Practical Theology with My Mom

By Jasmin Figueroa, PhD Student in Practical Theology For the past three years, curious family members, friends, first dates, and prospective students have all asked me variations of the question, “so what do practical theologians actually do?” This shift in conversation has always given me pause, as my analytical brain takes over... More

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Interdisciplinary Methods: A Conversation with PhD Student Scott Donahue-Martens

One of the defining features of the field of practical theology is its commitment to interdisciplinary methods of inquiry. While practical theologians do not always agree upon the nature of interdisciplinary research, or the viability of certain interdisciplinary paradigms, most practical theologians do affirm the importance of interdisciplinary dialogue. This... More

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