2013 Annual Lecture

Jews, Pagans, Sceptics, and Emperors:
Public Theology as Christian Apologetics
Dr. Elaine Graham

GrahamOn November 20, 2013, the Center for Practical Theology hosted the Sixth Annual Lecture Series with Dr. Elaine Graham as the guest lecturer for the evening.  Dr. Graham’s lecture was entitled “Jews, Pagans, Sceptics, and Emperors:  Public Theology as Christian Apologetics.”  She is the Grosvenor Research Professor of Practical Theology at the University of Chester.  In her words, “As a practical theologian, I am interested in the relationship between beliefs and actions, and whether religious commitment really makes a difference in today’s Elaine Graham lectureworld.  In my teaching and research, I try to encourage people to connect the values of faith to a critical engagement with the dilemmas of everyday life.”




We hope you enjoy these photos from the event.