2006 Symposium

The CMLD-BU hosted Boston University’s 7th Annual Symposium

Chemical Synthesis : Advances and Applications

Friday June 30, 2006

The CMLD-BU thanks its speakers, sponsors, vendors, and all those who participated for making the day such a great success!

Prof. Kay M. Brummond (University of Pittsburgh) “Catalytic Decision Points : A DOS Strategy”

Prof. Ben Shen (University of Wisconsin-Madison) “Combinatorial Biosynthesis : New Opportunities in Natural Products Chemistry and Drug Discovery”

Dr. James Inglese (NIH Chemical Genomics Center) “Quantitative High Throughput Screening : Discovery of Investigational Molecular Probes through the Biological Activity Profiling of Chemical Libraries”

Prof. Thomas J. Kodadek (UT Southwestern Medical Center) “Chemical Methods for Monitoring and Manipulating the Proteome”

Prof. Dale L. Boger (The Scripps Research Institute) “Solution-Phase Combinatorial Synthesis : Scope and Applications”

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