Other Instrumentation

Automated Flash Purification



The Yamazen SmartFlash Wprep dual channel automated flash chromatography system is equipped with a TLC plate reader and ELSD for detection of non-UV active samples. The dual system allows purification in parallel, and Yamazen’s patented Rf Gradient software allows purification of organic compounds with only four column volumes of solvent.

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The PuriFlash 430evo is a state of the art, automated flash purification system.

The heart of the system is the high pressure pump which can be used in quaternary gradient mode by mixing up to four solvents with 1% accuracy.

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High Throughput Centrifugal Evaporation


Genevac EZ-2 Plus

The BU-CMD maintains two GeneVac EZ-2 Plus instruments as simple walk-up systems for routine evaporation.

Genevac HT-4

The GeneVac HT-4 system offers more high-throughput evaporation capabilities and serves the BU-CMD Purification and Curation Core.

Automated Weighing


The Mettler-Toleto Autochem Balance Automator workstation is able to move individual vessels to a barcode station for reading both 1-D and 2-D barcodes and then to a balance for mass determination.

Tared vessels may be used for final product tracking and weight in library synthesis.

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Parallel Synthesis

AutoChem Parallel Synthesis Blocks


Our center employs MiniBlocks and MiniBlock XTs for nearly all aspects of methodology development and library synthesis.

Reaction optimizations are generally run in 48 or 24 position MiniBlock XTsand large scale building block synthesis is carried out in 12 or 6 positionMiniBlock XTs.

The MiniBlock systems are often used when solid-supported reagents are employed or for reaction workup and purification using SPE.

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JKem Synthesis Blocks


The BU-CMD has several J-Kem blocks for parallel reaction screening, including custom-fabricated blocks for photochemical reactions.