Our Compound Collection


The BU-CMD inherited the CMLD-BU small molecule screening collection: an ever-growing set of structurally diverse compounds originally assembled during the 12-year span of the NIGMS CMLD Center Initiative. The collection also contains more than 1,000 compounds obtained via “Diversity Collections” of synthetic targets and intermediates generated by our external colleagues.


Our center strives to create novel chemotypes that uniquely probe three-dimensional space by employing stereochemical and positional variation within the molecular framework as diversity elements in library design. Design of stereocontrolled chemical libraries at the CMLD-BU (and now the BU-CMD) is guided by several core strategies, including:

  • Efficient, stereoselective generation of diverse scaffolds via rearrangements, annulations and cycloadditions
  • Discovery of novel transformations and chemotypes using reaction screening
  • Development of photochemical and microfluidic technologies for reaction discovery, methodology development and library synthesis
  • Convergent synthesis of complex molecules through domain shuffling
  • The use of stereochemically-well defined building blocks to generate novel scaffolds with positional and stereochemical diversity


Click the following link to download a PDF of our 2012 Chemotype Summary, containing representative structures of chemotypes found in our screening collection with physical property analyses and pertinent literature references: [CMLDchemotypes_Oct2012]


If you are a synthetic organic chemist and wish to contribute compounds to the BU-CMD screening collection, visit our Diversity Collection page for more information.


If you are interested in obtaining a copy of our screening collection, please fill out our Questionnaire for more information.