CLC Questionnaire

If you are interested in joining our Chemical Library Consortium and obtaining our small molecule screening collection, please fill out the form below.

To improve the size and diversity of our screening collection, the BU-CMD has recently begun intake of small molecules from external (non-BU) academic groups in the BU-CMD Repository. If you are interested in screening these compounds, before applying, Boston University strongly encourages you to review the agreements and instructions that recipient institutions must agree to in order to receive externally-deposited materials from the BU-CMD. More details can be found at

  • The BU-CMD Repository Collection, which includes the original BU-CMD Screening Collection plus externally-sourced compounds, is available for screening free of charge with support from the NCATS CTSA CCIA program.
  • The original BU-CMD Screening Collection, containing molecules sourced only from BU, remains available, but may cost a fee to distribute. Please contact the BU-CMD for more details.