Sandy Buerger

Senior Lecturer, Natural Science and Mathematics

Teaching Interests

 STEM education; team-based learning (TBL); online education; project based learning (PBL)

Research Interests

Communication and survival strategies in environmental microbial communities; dormancy in medically relevant microbes; trends in bacterial infections

Publications and Presentations

Buerger S et al (2017) Influence of subinhibitory concentrations of ampicillin on bacterial community composition. NENHC: Cromwell, CT.

Buerger S, Spoering A, Gavrish E, Leslin C, Ling L, Epstein SS. (2012) Microbial scout hypothesis, stochastic exit from dormancy, and the nature of slow growers. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 78:9.

Buerger S, Spoering A, Gavrish E, Leslin C, Ling C, Epstein SS. (2012). Microbial scout hypothesis and microbial discovery. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 78:9.

Buerger S (2015) “Mini Lectures and Online Courses” Webinar.

Buerger S (2014) “Aligning Expectations Between Community College Life Sciences Programs and Life Sciences Companies.” Talk at Breakout Session: Mass STEM Summit: Worcester, MA.

Buerger S (2013) “Mycobacterium: Patterns of Dormancy and Growth.” Talk at Boston University College of General Studies Faculty Talks: Boston, MA.

Buerger S, Crawford J, Gavrish E, Clardy J, Epstein SS (2010) Microbial survival strategy may include stochastic exit from dormancy. ASM 2010: San Diego, CA and BBM 2010: Boston, MA (poster presentation).

Buerger S, Hong S, Lucey K, Epstein SS (2008) Single-cell approach to microbial cultivation reveals an unusual growth strategy. ISME 2008: Cairns, Australia (poster presentation).

Buerger S, Nichols D, Lewis K, Epstein SS (2006) Marine Microbial Consortia as model systems to study the great plate count anomaly.  ISME 2006: Vienna, Austria (poster presentation).