The Performance program at Boston University School of Music is comprised of academically and artistically extraordinary musicians. With the highest artistic and professional standards in performance, this program is designed for students with the strongest commitment to music training. Located within a major research university located in a city known for music, students experience a highly personalized interaction with expert faculty and cultural opportunities that are nearly limitless.

Celebrating 150 years of BU school of music

Built on legacy as the oldest degree-granting music school in the country, BU School of Music focuses on exceptional learning and performance opportunities for students. Our faculty is drawn from the ranks of some of the world’s most distinguished musicians and institutions and includes 20 members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. With a broad array of performance degrees available, the program offers distinct and rigorous preparation for musicians at each level of training.


The BU School of Music Performance program offers distinct and rigorous preparation at all degree levels in the following areas:


As the oldest degree-granting music program in the U.S., BU has trained generations of musicians, earning a global reputation for excellence.

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