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Boston University’s directing program provides early-career professionals with the opportunity to cultivate their artistic identities and professional objectives while refining and enhancing their technical skills and range. Students are prepared for directing careers, with special emphasis on understanding the American theatre and its’ contemporary applications to narrative performance.


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The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in directing at BU is individually designed with each student’s artistic strengths, challenges, and personal ambitions in mind. Each School of Theatre (SOT) MFA directing student receives extensive experience in the rehearsal hall in a sequence of projects chosen to stretch and showcase their strengths. Directing students get to direct several of SOT’s productions per season in a variety of venues with ever-growing access to designers.

The program centers around identifying and growing students’ artistic voices, honing their craft and techniques, and connecting to the profession in a meaningful way. What makes BU’s directing program stand out? The quality. Quality of productions. Quality of peers. Quality of actors. BU MFA directing graduates become freelance directors or artistic directors, running their own companies or teaching.

Have one of the nation’s leading directors as your professor

Meet BU’s Directing Program Head

Wendy Goldberg, program head and professor of directing at BU, has spent more than 20 years leading the foremost programs in the development, direction, and production of new works for the American Theatre. As Artistic Director of the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center for 16 seasons, under Goldberg’s tenure, 100 plays were developed and the O’Neill was awarded the 2010 Regional Tony Award. Goldberg has also been ranked by Variety as one of the top 50 film instructors from around the world.

In CFA’s Faculty Feature series, Goldberg explains the role and importance of the director in a theatrical production and shares her thoughts on why a director should choose BU’s directing program.

The director is the primary collaborator on a production. The director is the person who needs to bring all the other collaborators together to tell the story. This requires a lot of conversations and time spent listening to writers, designers, and actors – all of the people we put in a room to make the play. The director is the captain of the ship moving a group of collaborators into a production. The director and the writer are the primary storytellers.”

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What I really like about our program is that there’s a lot of production opportunities, coupled with intense classwork. There is a good balance here between being in rehearsal and being back in the lab (classroom) working on aspects of the rehearsal process.
-Wendy Goldberg, program head and professor of directing at BU

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