Annual Fund

Giving to BU: A smorgasbord of options

Annual Giving at Boston University is simple. Each year, alumni, students, parents, and friends choose to support everything from softballs to software at BU. These gifts are then deployed to fund research, provide emergency student assistance, pay for travel to academic conferences, and lots more throughout the year.

The best part? Our donors get to choose where the money goes. And there are lots of incredible causes at this university of ours.

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By supporting the causes at BU that you care about most, you’re not only helping to make the University the best it can be for students and faculty—you’re also doing your part to increase the value of a Boston University degree: The more alumni who give back, the higher BU’s national rankings.

So browse through the list of causes below, find one that you’re passionate about, and give back to make BU great for the next generation of Terriers—and for you!

  • Bionic Pancreas
    Gifts to this fund support a team of researchers working to develop a bionic pancreas to automatically make decisions about insulin and glucagon dosing every five minutes.
  • Community Service Center
    The Community Service Center is committed to providing the BU community with opportunities to address and improve critical concerns of Greater Boston and beyond.

  • Reach is a five-week program that trains teen apprentices in dance and choreography, helping them to develop essential skills in a structured, educational environment. Thousands of urban youth get a quality art experience when they tour with professionals.
  • EPIC
    The Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC) is a pioneering facility that helps address a critical need in the US: the training of prospective engineers who understand how to develop and manufacture innovative new products.
  • Favorite Poem Project
    The Favorite Poem Project is dedicated to celebrating, documenting, and encouraging poetry’s role in Americans’ lives.
  • General Scholarship Fund
    The General Scholarship Fund provides aid to BU students. The more money that is available for scholarships, the more students that can be supported by this fund.

  • Whichever sport you choose, you can give your team(s) the edge with gifts that support expanded travel and scheduling opportunities, facility and program enhancements, elite team training, increased support services, and more.
  • International relations
    The study of international relations provides a portal for entry into a variety of career fields, as well as further graduate or professional training. You can support some of our most worldly students!
  • Judaic Studies
    The Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies offers interdisciplinary programs in Jewish studies on the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate students from all BU colleges can pursue a minor in Jewish studies or take courses as electives. Graduate students can affiliate with the Center.

  • Kendo is the martial art of Japanese fencing, which originates from the feudal samurai culture of ancient Japan. The Boston University Kendo Association is an open organization that will instruct at all levels of Kendo, and it welcomes anyone who wishes to participate.
  • Law School
    Gifts to the Law School Fund support students, faculty, programs, and research at one of the nation’s premiere law schools.
  • Marine Studies
    The Boston University Marine Program (BUMP) provides a rigorous, interdisciplinary education in marine science. While the typical science curriculum teaches students about science, BUMP teaches undergraduates how to be scientists.

  • The Naval ROTC program at BU is one of the nation’s best and largest commissioning sources for Navy and Marine Corps officers. Your gift supports this stellar NROTC program. (You can also support BU’s excellent Air Force ROTC program and our superlative Army ROTC program.)
  • Outreach Van
    The Outreach Van works to fulfill the unmet needs of the medically underserved populations in the Greater Boston area, particularly with regard to health care and access to services. The Outreach Van provides a constant and dependable resource, thus establishing a sense of trust with our clients, while also offering an opportunity for students to learn skills in community outreach.
  • Photojournalism
    Gifts to the photojournalism program through the College of Communication provide support to students, faculty, programs, and research.
  • Quantum Optics Information Processing and Communications
    The Quantum Optics Information Processing and Communications Fund—in the College of Engineering’s electrical and computer engineering department—supports research activities related to experimental optics, quantum information processing, and quantum communication.

  • WTBU is BU’s student-run, volunteer radio station which broadcasts live 20 hours a day, and the three-time winner of CMJ’s College Radio Station of the year.
  • Student Affairs Fund
    Support the vibrant, one-of-a-kind student life at Boston University.
  • Tanglewood
    The Boston University Tanglewood Institute is recognized internationally as one of the premier summer training programs for aspiring high school–age musicians and is the only program of its kind associated with one of the world’s great symphony orchestras.
  • University Support Fund
    The University Support Fund, or “Area of Greatest Need” Fund, supports everything from light bulbs and desks, to computers and printers, to student aid, to athletics and beyond. It’s an opportunity to make an immediate difference at Boston University.