The Undergraduate Research in Biology and Honors Research in Biology programs allow students to receive credit for research in either a Biology Department faculty member’s lab or in any university-affiliated lab in the Boston area. Students are not expected to be technicians or laboratory assistants, but rather semi-independent, intellectual contributors to a research project. Students cannot receive academic credit and funding (e.g., UROP) in the same semester.

Finding a research position can take some time. You can contact Biology faculty whose research interests you, talk with any Teaching Fellows you’ve had in your biology/chemistry classes, talk to your peers about how they got their research positions, read the Weekly Pulse for listed opportunities, or find faculty research projects posted on the UROP website. When contacting a faculty member, you can include information such as your resume, transcript, your reasons for wanting to work with them, and any research or educational background that you feel would make you a good addition to their lab. 

Please note: If you will be conducting research in a lab at BU, you are required to have signed BU’s Intellectual Property Policy. If you will be working with human subjects, CITI training and IRB approval are required beforehand. If you will be conducting research with vertebrate animals IACUC training and approval is required beforehand.

Undergraduate Research in Biology: First year students through seniors
Honors Research in Biology: Seniors with a 3.5+ GPA