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There are 8 comments on BU Experts Weigh In on Wednesday’s Historic Vice Presidential Debate

  1. First just a fact check on Tammy Vigil’s comments”:

    Vigil: “The moderator was, once again, almost useless. Page’s meek attempts to keep the candidates, mostly Pence, in line with the rules resulted in Pence taking significantly more time and dominating the debate.”

    Vigil: “…Harris was measured and more patient than I would have been with the disproportionate allotment of time”

    The truth is they spoke for almost the exact same amount of time. Harris: 36:24, Pence 36:27. Tammy, your bias is showing through your analysis.

    Second, not a single commentator here mentioned Harris’ evasion on the issue of “packing” the Supreme Court, arguably the one of most consequential changes to our Republic in 150 years. Both Harris and Biden have flatly refused to answer whether this will be pursued. Want a banana republic? Packing the court is the tipping point.

  2. Web, you’re correct on the time, as reported by CNN at the end of the debate, but the time was evened up only because Harris requested and the moderator granted Harris more time to compensate for the repeated exchanges when Pence (far more than Harris) ignored the rules and the moderator’s requests and exceeded his allowed time. He was extremely rude in that regard. Regarding the ‘packing the court’ issue, Pence was clearly trying to make an issue where there is no issue. No proposal to ‘pack the court’ has been put forward. The only evidence of an effort to pack the court lies in the republican senate refusing to even consider Obama’s nomination of Justice Garland with 11 months to go in his term. It has been a sustained republican effort to actually pack the court, and it has been quite successful.

    1. Evidently you are unclear on the concept of “packing” the court which refers specifically to expanding the number of justices. The handling of Garland’s nomination, though controversial, did not affect the court’s ultimate numbers. Exercising your Constitutional prerogative to seat justices that align with your ideology is not “packing”.

      If it is not an issue, then why would Biden on multiple occasions and now Harris refuse to answer if that is their intent?

    Pencee won hands down. If anyone was talking someone down it would be Harris she reminded me of the Chester cat with that smirking smile the only time she was genuine acting was when Pence said postive comments about herself because she all that wink wink. How Pence responded to the 8th graders questions was spot on and it was to her for her. Harris took that time to plug her and “Joe’s” campaign.. and the whole thing of her referring to him as ‘Joe’ just sounds strange, little to Heh heh I will be running this presidency.

    1. Regarding the Hillary episode, perhaps the fly is an omen as to which party will win the election… Let’s hope it’s the case this time around as well …

  4. Hey, BU Today. Why not try to mix it up with the political views of the “BU Experts” you choose to discuss political topics? You just might get a broader array of perspectives.

    But, perhaps BU has no conservatives on staff? It wouldn’t surprise me–sadly, it seems diversity of thought is frowned upon at BU. Take Shorten’s snarky comment about “that old chestnut,” for example.

    Should Biden somehow get elected from his basement, Shorten will get to experience first-hand how the mandates in Biden’s 110-page manifesto will trample on his individual freedoms. Trouble is, they’ll trample on my children’s individual freedoms, too.

    1. BU Mom-

      I agree with you to a point. It would be nice to have an honest accounting of facts and a robust policy debate. In this day and age it seems people stick close to their tribes and gather talking points from their preferred media outlets.

      I’m just as curious to hear what the conservatives propose as solutions to the many challenges we face -but wouldn’t you agree that as long as the Republican party exists as a personality cult that there won’t be any reasonable “expert” for BU to call upon for comment?

      You cite Joe Biden’s basement and the 110 page Biden-Sanders Unity Document. You worry the recommendations contained within this “manifesto” as you and others in the right wing universe have branded it will trample on your children’s individual freedom. You would like to hear “experts” who offer alternative political points of view…

      I’m not a political expert but I did find the time to read the document and I didn’t find it quite as scary as Fox and Friends, Hannity, and yourself have made it all out to be. Contained within the policy recommendations are a commitment to eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035 – zeroing out net greenhouse gas emissions across the entire economy by 2050 -a call for funding universal prekindergarten coast to coast, -an expansion of Social Security, -raising the national minimum wage.. -These ideas all sound pretty reasonable to me. I’d encourage you to look closely at the paper and try and examine your assumed persecution under a Biden Harris administration. Could it be any worse than the chaotic and dangerous nightmare regime we are living under now? I mean seriously.

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