Dan Fallu discovered fragment of Ancient “Throne of Agamemnon”

“I treat this find no differently than any other: I simply want to extract as much information as possible and have worked to find the similarities and dissimilarities between this and the only unequivocally known Bronze Age Greek throne, at Knossos,” says Fallu, who has been working at Mycenae and near Corinth and Sparta as […]

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Dan Fallu in World Archaeology News

Archaeologists working in Mycenae, seat of the mythical King Agamemnon, have discovered what they believe to be the site’s only known royal throne. The international team, led by president of the Mycenaean Foundation, Prof. Christofilis Maggidis of Dickinson College, USA, made the find in June 2014. Erik DeMarche and Dan Fallu were taking palaeo-hydrological measurements […]

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Dan Fallu essay on geology of Mycenae published

Dan Fallu, graduate student, was published in a book by Robert McCabe and Athina Cacouri.  Dan contributed an essay on the geology of Mycenae entitled “The Mycenaean Landscape: From ‘Well-Founded’ to a shaky end”. Congratulations Dan!   Mycenae: From Myth to History: Athina Cacouri, Robert … www.amazon.com Mycenae: From Myth to History [Athina Cacouri, Robert […]

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Congratulations to Justin, Alicia, Ilaria, and Dan for a great presentation of innovative geoarchaeological research at Boston University

Frontiers in Geoarchaeology Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting: Baltimore, MA November 1 – 4, 2015 Presided by Dr. Laura Murphy (Far Western Anthropological Research Group) and Justin A. Holcomb (Boston University) At this year’s annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, Justin A. Holcomb (GRS ’19) co-presided a session titled: “Frontiers in Geoarchaeology” […]

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Daniel Fallu (GRS’16) recipient of a GRAF and AIA Pomerance Fellowship

Dan Fallu, Boston University Department of Archaeology graduate student has been awarded the long term GRAF.  The GRAF is specifically for his field work and residency in Greece. The bulk of the funding will be put towards coring the banks of the Chavos River (part of the natural fortification of Mycenae) in order to develop […]

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