Undergraduate Major Portfolio Guidelines

Major portfolios are intended for students to document their capstone accomplishments in the program and for the purposes of annual assessment of the program by the faculty.

The AR major’s portfolio contains the following materials provided by the student as PDF files:

  • A paper written in AR450
  • A 2-3 page summary of the student’s field research (AR503 or equivalent)
  • A copy of the student’s honors thesis or IWD (if applicable)

 The AR major’s portfolio will contain the following other materials provided by faculty/staff:

  • A written evaluation of the student’s performance in AR 450 by the instructor of record
  • A written exit interview provided to the student by program staff prior to graduation (the student’s identity is anonymous in these interviews and all are uploaded by departmental staff to a single folder)

A record of the portfolio will be kept in digital form mounted as a folder on the centralized server maintained by the Archaeology Program.

Server Address

For Macs (write it exactly as it is written below):
smb://casfsb.bu.edu/Archaeology Major Portfolio

For Windows (write it exactly as it is written below):
\\casfsb.bu.edu\Archaeology Major Portfolio