Sending Tissue Samples For Amyloid Histopathology

ORIGINAL Pathology Reports and the Consultation Form MUST accompany ALL submitted samples*

Abdominal Fat Aspirate:

Testing for amyloid deposition with Congo red histology and/or amyloid typing

  • Send securely capped syringe (no needle) containing fat sample via FedEx or UPS Next Day

Abdominal Fat and Other Biopsies:

Testing for amyloid with Congo red histology and/or amyloid typing by immunohistochemistry (light microscopy) or immunogold electron microscopy

  • Congo red and/or immunohistochemistry:
    • send BLOCK containing tissue biopsy (fixed in 10% formalin and paraffin embedded)
    • Please note – Tissue must be large enough to obtain at least 50 slides with 8 -10um sections
    • If Block is not available:
      • send 2 unstained slides with 8-10um sections – Congo red histology
      • send 8 -10 unstained slides with 5um sections – Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunogold aelectron microscopy:
    • send frozen tissue on dry ice OR tissue in 4% paraformaldehyde solution
    • Please note – Original Congo red positive stained slide must accompany these samples

*We cannot bill insurance outside of the state of Massachusetts. Payment arrangements are expected to be made prior to sending samples. For more information regarding fees and payment, please contact Gail Whitney at 617-414-4291.