How Does the Initial Evaluation Work?

During evaluation at The Amyloidosis Center, a patient’s care is coordinated by one of our internal medicine physicians and nurse practitioners along with a multi-disciplinary clinical team. This Amyloidosis Center Clinical Team is comprised of physicians from various disciplines (including but not limited to hematology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, rheumatology, and neurology). This ensures a total evaluation of the individual medical needs and helps to determine the extent of amyloidosis throughout the body.

The preliminary results of the evaluation are given to patients at the time of the final conference, and a final summary including recommendations is subsequently sent to the referring or personal physician who is ultimately responsible for the patient’s care as well as to the patient.  Should a patient be found eligible for one of our clinical trials and decide to participate, they meet with physicians who will inform them of how to proceed.

After returning home, patients and their physicians are encouraged to call one of the Amyloidosis Center physicians at 617-358-4750 if questions arise concerning care. We usually suggest a return evaluation on a yearly basis.