Laboratory Research

Alan and Sandra Gerry Amyloid Research LaboratoryGerry Lab Dedication

The Alan and Sandra Gerry Amyloid Research Laboratory is the core facility for basic amyloid research at Boston University. The laboratory was dedicated in 2002 to Alan and Sandra Gerry who generously donated to amyloid research to further understanding of the basic mechanisms of amyloid diseases and to find a cure.

Lawreen Connors, Ph.D. is the director of the Gerry Amyloid Research Laboratory. The Gerry Laboratory is the central location for the sample repository, histological examination, protein purification, and reference laboratory studies. In addition, many of the basic research studies on light chains and transthyretin which have federal, foundation, and generous donor funding take place in the Gerry Laboratory.

Research studies of a specialized nature, such as mass spectrometry, cell biology, and molecular biology, take place in other laboratories at Boston University Medical Center under the direction of research faculty participating in The Amyloidosis Center research.