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Moakley Building
The Moakley Building at Boston Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling an evaluation
Consultations may be arranged by patients or referring doctors by speaking with our coordinator at 617-358-4750.

Patients will be asked to provide copies of medical records pertaining to the amyloidosis diagnosis. Records will be reviewed by one of our consultants to confirm the diagnosis before an evaluation is scheduled.

What to expect

Upon confirmation of the amyloid diagnosis, an evaluation will be scheduled with the patient. Referring physicians are invited to speak with our consultants or forward information for review.

The initial evaluation typically requires a three-day outpatient stay and occurs at the Moakley Medical Services Building at Boston Medical Center. An amyloid internal medicine doctor coordinates a multidisciplinary evaluation with the appropriate subspecialty physicians (e.g., Hematologist, Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Neurologist, Pulmonologist, Gastroenterologist, etc.). This comprehensive evaluation allows the physician team to determine the extent of amyloidosis throughout the body and to develop the appropriate treatment plan.

During an evaluation, the following tests may occur:

Additional tests may be scheduled in order to evaluate the patient’s medical condition.

Treatment recommendations will be provided after the Amyloidosis Clinical Team reviews and discuss each case. When appropriate, patients will meet or speak with the Stem Cell Transplant or Clinical Trials staff to discuss their care. In some cases, recommendations will be deferred until final test results are available; for example, some complex genetic testing may take four to six weeks to complete.