Localized Amyloidosis Clinic

Although approximately 80% of our clinic patients have AL (systemic) amyloidosis, 5% of our clinic population has disease limited to one organ – localized amyloidosis.  Frequent presentations of localized amyloidosis include:

  • Upper and lower airway or lung deposits
  • Bladder
  • Eye
  • Skin/subcutaneous
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Breast

We employ a multi-disciplinary approach for the assessment and treatment of localized disease, tailoring our management to the particular challenges encountered by individual patients.

Our staff includes:

John Berk, MD
Moakley2Airway Clinic Director
Pulmonary Medicine

Gregory A. Grillone, MD

Mark Katz, MD

Minh-Tam Truong, MD
Radiation Oncology

Xuejing Chen, MD