By now, it’s probably safe to say you’ve heard of BU Connects—the exclusive digital tool for Terrier networking. Maybe at times, you’ve even considered joining nearly 25,000 alums and students already connected. However, if you’re sick of hearing nothing but positive things and you’re looking for an excuse not to join, here are the top five reasons why you don’t need BU Connects:

  1. You’re already working your dream job, so no career boost needed. Skip the free networking magic on BU Connects, built for diverse Terriers across industries.
  2. You survived BU with no help whatsoever, so why inspire the next gen? Who needs the alumni-student chats, mentorship, or good karma that BU Connects makes simple?
  3. So what if you’re near a major city across the globe that has a group on BU Connects? You never want people to meet you where you are, or be the first to hear about fun and engaging events IRL.
  4. You’re not a small business owner, and supporting Terrier-owned businesses isn’t your thing. No worries — just ignore the BU Businesses & Services Directory.
  5. Why send free DMs to warm alumni leads who’ve offered to help, when you can cold call strangers on LinkedIn Premium Career for just $39.99 per month?

Stick with the old way. Nothing to see here. Trust us,

BU Connects isn’t for you