BU Connects: Tips for successful networking

BU is committed to connecting the University’s community of students and alumni to encourage professional success. To ensure a responsible and professional networking environment, we ask that you please read and follow our 4 Tips for Successful BU Networking before you begin building your network on BU Connects.

Tip 1 – Ask for advice & information

  • Don’t ask for a job. BU Connects is about building your professional network, personal development, and gaining advice.

Tip 2 – Be purposeful & professional

  • When writing a networking email, use a descriptive subject line, introduce yourself, mention the BU connection and briefly explain why you’re contacting this person in particular.
  • Be clear about the information you are looking for and avoid asking questions that can be answered by viewing their LinkedIn profile or company website.
  • Be professional: avoid slang, emoticons, all caps and be sure to proofread for errors in grammar, spelling and tone before sending.
  • Respect member preferences – be sure to review the specific ways in which members have volunteered to help or offer mentorship.
  • Maintain your personal and professional integrity in all communications by always providing accurate information.

Tip 3 – Engage in responsible networking

  • If you’re meeting a mentor in-person for the first time, suggest a public place like a coffee house near their place of work.
  • Do not spam contacts with multiple emails, generic messages or solicitations.
  • Always follow the BU Connects Community Guidelines and be responsible with all members’ personal information..

Tip 4 – Show your appreciation & follow up

  • Send a brief thank you note or email after networking with a member of BU Connects.