Boston University Career Development

The University has excellent resources to support career development. Never written a resume? Need to punch up your cover letter? Unsure about your interview outfit? At the Center For Career Development online resources, workshops and programs, and seasoned counselors can help guide you. From networking to job opportunities to salary negotiations, their mission is to help you grow your professional life.

ABA@BU Employability Consultation Sessions for ABA Graduates & Students

Service 1: Strategies for Job Search & ePortfolio Creation

ABA@BU Individual ePortfolio Template

MET ABA@BU ePortfolio Tutorial

Demo Case: ePortfolio

Names of students who completed individual ePortfolios during the pilot project “ABA@BU Student ePortfolios”

Service 2: Matching skills with Job offerings updated by Burning Glass labor Insight

ABA Employability Consultation Questionnaire

Service 3: Technical Interview Simulations

MET ABA Technical Interview Simulation Presentation

Demo Case: Hackathon Spring 2022 Competition #3

Hackathon Competition 3 Rules: Competition 3 Hackathon Questions Spring 2022

Hackathon Competition 3 Winners: Slide Deck Terriers Competition 3