In just five years, BU Metropolitan College’s Applied Business Analytics program has exploded as one of the most significant, leading degree pathways offered by the Department of Administrative Sciences, with an ever-increasing number of graduates whose high-impact professional and academic achievements stand to grow the reach of our alumni network as well as the standing and reputation of the program.

To honor ABA’s many successes, BU MET recently hosted a gala that brought together students, faculty, and alumni to reflect on the program’s beginnings, present cutting-edge research being conducted by graduate researchers and faculty, discuss the experiences of on-campus and online students, and forecast the future of the BU degree and field of study.

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Students participating in the Applied Business Analytics 5 Year Anniversary event

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ABA@BU 5Y Poster Presentation

Moderated by Greg Page, the presentation consisted of 19 posters with participants given two minutes to provide a high-level overview of their work. Poster topics ranged from book presentations and take-aways from recent alumni panels to climate change and employability. All of the posters can be viewed here.

ABA@BU 5Y Events

On Friday, April 14th at 1:30 PM, Krystie Dickson, Lecturer, Administrative Sciences, and Dr. Cansu Tayaksi, Assistant Professor, Administrative Sciences, held a forum with current students in the in-person ABA program.

On Monday, April 17th, we spoke with alumni located in Asia. Dr. Vladimir Zlatev, Associate Professor of the Practice, Coordinator, Applied Business Analytics Programs Director of Digital Learning, was joined by a panel of ABA alumni for this lively discussion.

On Friday, April 28th at 3:00 PM, we discussed ChatGPT and the future of education and business analytics with Judah Phillips, Co-founder of Squark, Penko Ivanov, Principal Business Analyst at Financial Times, and Suresh Kalathur, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Director, Analytics. Dr. Vladimir Zlatev moderated the forum. We also highlighted student research achievements and preparation for Summer 2023.

On Tuesday, May 2nd at 4:00 PM, Dr. Christopher Athaide, Assistant Professor, Administrative Sciences, and a panel of ABA faculty, alumni, and current students spoke to students in our Summer and Fall 2023 semesters.

What is the annual ABA Hackathon and why you should participate?

The Hackathon offers you a chance to work under a time constraint to practice some of the skills you have honed as an ABA student. This will help prepare you for similar situations that you will face as part of the job interviewing process.

The Hackathon also enables you to collaborate with peers in the program. Even though ABA students take the same core Administrative Science courses and the same ABA specialization courses, they do not all take them in the same order. You might have an idea for a solution based on something you did in our specialization courses. In contrast, a teammate who hasn’t taken that course introduces a concept from another specialization course that helps the team answer a different question.