Master of Management in Hospitality

The School of Hospitality Administration’s Master of Management in Hospitality program is a one-year (three-semester) program that serves to enhance business and management skills for students who have a strong liberal arts (or other non-business) background and will prepare them to begin a career in hospitality leadership. For professionals currently working in the hospitality industry, the degree provides the necessary ongoing education to remain competitive and knowledgeable in the changing industry and provide the educational background necessary for hospitality professionals to advance their careers.  


The degree consists of 32 credits as follows.

Credit Requirements–Summary

MMH Credits
Required courses 24 cr
Elective courses* 8 cr
Internship 0 cr
Total credits 32 cr

*Typically completed during the second semester

Course Numbers and Course Titles

Required Courses 

The following six core courses are required (24 credits)

HF 701 Hospitality Operations Analysis (4 cr)
HF 711 Hospitality Financial Management (4 cr)
HF 762 Hospitality Marketing and Branding (4 cr)
HF 770 Hospitality Ownership Strategies (4 cr)
HF 771 Hospitality Revenue Management Strategies (4 cr) 
HF 733 Hospitality Organizational Leadership (4 cr)
Elective Courses

The remaining two elective courses should be relevant to the objectives of the student (choose any 8 credits)

HF 777 Meeting Planning and Special Events Management (4 cr)
HF 723 Case Studies in Corporate Restaurant Management (4 cr)
HF 368/HF 768 Digital Marketing Strategies (4 cr) 
HF 717 Hospitality Real Estate Finance and Development (4 cr)
HF 790 Independent Study Projects (1–4 cr)  

The degree includes one experiential, industry-based internship (0 credits)

HF 740 Graduate Internship in Hospitality Management (0 cr)