Hospitality Administration Minor

The School of Hospitality Administration offers a Hospitality Administration minor consisting of 28 credits, available to all BU undergraduate students. All SHA Hospitality Administration minor students must complete the following courses (28 credits):


  • SHA HF 100 Introduction to Hospitality (4 cr)
  • SHA HF 210 Financial Accounting (4 cr) (can also be fulfilled by QST AC 221 Financial Accounting)
  • SHA HF 220 Food & Beverage Management (4 cr)
  • SHA HF 231 Human Resource Management (4 cr)
  • SHA HF 260 Marketing Principles (4 cr) (can also be fulfilled by QST MK 323 Marketing Management)
  • SHA HF 270 Lodging Operations (4 cr)

And either

  • SHA HF 310 Managerial Accounting (4 cr)


  • SHA HF 375 Meetings & Conventions (4 cr)

Students who fulfill SHA HF 210 via QST AC 221 will take SHA HF 375; all others will be required to take SHA HF 310.

A minimum grade of C– is required in all courses that fulfill the Hospitality Administration minor. For additional information, please contact the Academic Advising office at 928 Commonwealth Avenue; 617-353-0930.