Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration

Changes to this program will take effect in the 2016–2017 academic year.

Degree Requirements

These requirements apply to students who enroll in SHA beginning fall 2014. Prior students are subject to the former system of requirements; these details are available from the SHA academic advisor.

Course Credits and Distribution

A candidate for the degree must earn 128 credits in distribution, elective, and specialization courses. In addition, 800 hours of on-the-job experience are required. This experience, monitored, and supervised by faculty, is divided equally between two separate 400-hour experiences and may be completed at any time during the degree program. An international experience is also required.

Students must complete distribution requirements within the College of Arts & Sciences that include English, foreign language, natural science, social science, and humanities courses. They must also complete specialization courses within SHA that focus on the hospitality industry and general business knowledge.

Course Load

Students ordinarily proceed at the rate of four courses (16 credits) per semester. Most SHA courses carry 4 credits; special electives carry 1, 2, or 4 credits. Students wishing to register for 19 or 20 credits, but not more than 20, must receive prior approval from the academic advisor. All students must be in good academic standing (have a GPA of 2.5 or better) to do so. First-semester freshmen and first-semester transfer students may not overload. Additional tuition will be charged for credits in excess of 18; however, students with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and students in their senior year who have filed a graduation application are exempt from additional charges.

Enrollment in fewer than three courses (12 credits) in any semester requires prior approval.

Degree Completion Requirement

For the SHA degree, students must complete 128 credits of academic work. A total of 60 credits are required in the areas of specialization and hospitality elective courses and 68 credits in the distribution category.

Students are expected to remain as full-time students throughout their program in SHA. Students with fewer than 12 credits remaining in their final semester before graduation may request to be coded at part-time status. To request part-time status, please contact the Academic Advising office at 928 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 307; 617-353-0930.

No more than 14 credits in the area of specialization may be allowed to transfer from outside of the School of Hospitality Administration. Nine courses from the area of specialization must be completed for the degree.

Requirement for Satisfactory Record

Students may accumulate no more than four D grades in their liberal arts or general elective courses. Courses taken to satisfy hospitality requirements and hospitality electives must be completed with a grade of  C or higher.


  1. Required Courses: Distribution (44 cr)
    To be taken in the College of Arts & Sciences

  2. Required Courses: Specialization (48 cr)
    • SHA HF 100 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
    • SHA HF 120 Fundamentals of Food Service Management
    • SHA HF 140 Hospitality Field Experience I
    • SHA HF 200 Hospitality Management for Business Majors
    • SHA HF 210 Financial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
    • SHA HF 220 Food and Beverage Management
    • SHA HF 231 Human Resources Management for the Hospitality Industry
    • SHA HF 240 Hospitality Field Experience II
    • SHA HF 250 Hospitality Law
    • SHA HF 260 Marketing Principles for the Hospitality Industry
    • SHA HF 270 Lodging Operations and Technology
    • SHA HF 310 Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
    • SHA HF 382 Hospitality Communications
    • SHA HF 370 Revenue Management and Technology
    • SHA HF 410 Finance for the Hospitality Industry
    • SHA HF 432 Hospitality Leadership
    • SHA HF 440 International Experience
    • SHA HF 460 Hospitality Strategic Marketing
  3. Electives in Hospitality Administration (12 cr)

Please see the most up-to-date offering of electives on the School curriculum website. Hospitality electives are offered in 1-, 2-, or 4-credit courses. Students are required to complete a total of 12 credits of hospitality electives. 6 of the 12 credits must be taken from Group A Hospitality Electives.

Group A Hospitality Electives

  • SHA HF 307 Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • SHA HF 321 Advanced Food and Beverage Management
  • SHA HF 322 Hospitality Design
  • SHA HF 375 Meetings & Conventions
  • SHA HF 313 Advanced Hospitality Accounting and Finance
  • SHA HF 372 Operations Strategy and Analysis
  • SHA HF 361 Advanced Consumer Behavior in Hospitality
  • SHA HF 314 Hospitality Market Feasibility and Valuation
  • SHA HF 415 Hospitality Asset Management
  • SHA HF 470 Advanced Revenue Management
  • SHA HF 360 Hospitality Sales Management
  • SHA HF 368 Digital Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

The remaining 6 credits can be selected from either Group A or Group B (see below). When selecting the electives, student should consider their career objectives and personal interests. For example, if a student is interested in additional exposure to a specific area or specialty in the hospitality industry, then he or she can select his or her hospitality electives in that area. It is important to make sure that you have completed any prerequisite courses before registering for hospitality electives. Information on prerequisites can be found in the course description.

Group B Hospitality Electives

  • SHA HF 103 Distinguished Hospitality Management Lecturers
  • SHA HF 403 Seminar with Distinguished Hospitality Speakers
  • SHA HF 295 Private Club Management
  • SHA HF 329 Intro to Fine Wines
  • SHA HF 430 Advanced Wine Study
  • SHA HF 332 Professional Development for the Hospitality Industry
  • SHA HF 282 Culture and Communication Travel Series
  • SHA HF 421 Food Laboratory Modules: Classical International Cuisine
  • SHA HF 422 Food Laboratory Modules: Seafood Cookery
  • SHA HF 424 Food Laboratory Modules: Pastries
  1. General Electives (24 cr)
    • General electives are selected in consultation with the SHA academic advisor and faculty advisor, and may include any academic subject within the University. This excludes required courses listed above in distribution and specialization requirements, and also excludes non-credit PDP and ROTC courses.
  2. Supervised Field Experience (0 cr)
    • Through Supervised Field Experience, SHA HF 140 and HF 240, degree candidates acquire 800 hours of on-the-job experience in the hospitality industry. A written report is required of all candidates at the end of each of the two field experiences.
  3. International Experience (0 cr)
    • All SHA students are required to demonstrate significant exposure to a culture outside the United States by completing SHA HF 440. For many students, this experience may involve an internship at one of our Study Abroad sites. For others, it may involve specifically designed coursework completed at the University. (International students may use their study or work experience in the United States as their international experience.)

Concentration in Hospitality Marketing

This concentration exposes students to the core concepts, essential tools, and key frameworks of marketing in the hospitality industry. In view of marketing’s inseparability from other areas of hospitality operations and management, courses prepare students to contribute to an organization’s marketing objectives as they learn how to formulate strategies that create and capture customer value. The concentration is appropriate for students planning a career in sales, brand management, integrated marketing communications, hospitality distribution, digital marketing, marketing research/consumer insights, and consulting.

The concentration requires 12 credits as specified below (choose any 12 credits of available concentration electives):

  • HF 361 Advanced Consumer Behavior in Hospitality (4 cr)
  • HF 368 Digital Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry (4 cr)
  • HF 360 Hospitality Sales Management (2 cr)
  • HF 367 Hospitality Marketing Distribution (2 cr)
  • QST MK 487 Branding (4 cr; Questrom; Fall Semester only)

Concentration in Event Management

This dynamic and fast-growing field includes the management of meetings, events, and trade shows for organizations and facilities. This concentration exposes students to the core concepts, essential tools, and key frameworks related to events in the hospitality industry. Career paths include corporate and association planning, as well as positions in special event companies and intermediary or third-party planning companies.

The concentration in Event Management requires 4 courses (12 credits) as specified below.

  • HF 295 Private Club Management (2 cr)
  • HF 360 Hospitality Sales Management (2 cr)
  • HF 375 Meetings & Conventions (4 cr)
  • HF 376 Special Event Planning and Operations (4 cr)

Freshman/Transfer Course Selection

Freshman and transfer students are guided in the selection of first-semester courses at a registration and orientation process held before the beginning of the semester. Students are encouraged to take at least one course at the School of Hospitality Administration each semester.