Graduate Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Management

The SHA Graduate Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Management is an accelerated graduate-level certificate that prepares students for hospitality industry success anywhere in the world. It is ideal for hospitality professionals hoping to gain a competitive edge or advance their skills in a new area. Focus areas include revenue management, digital marketing, and real estate development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire and demonstrate entrepreneurial hospitality management skills to enable individuals to enter the workforce or offer new start-up functions to boost the industry with new thinking.
  • Analyze data and hospitality challenges to create solutions for operational or marketing issues.
  • Develop ideas for marketing planning, operational recommendations, and event structures in order to ensure relevant functional protocols beyond industry norms.
  • Demonstrate financial acumen for success in real estate transactions, revenue management applications, and operational management.
  • Design marketing content for hotel, restaurant, and event development.
  • Model mastery of verbal and written communication skills; group- and team-building; leadership and management; and global awareness and cultural diversity.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate will require the completion of three courses (12 credits) at SHA and a 0-credit work experience.

Students pick 3 courses:
HF 568 Digital Marketing Strategies (4 cr)
HF 576 Meeting Planning and Special Events Management (4 cr)
HF 617 Hospitality Real Estate Finance and Feasibility (4 cr)
HF 619 Hotel Development and Deal Making (4 cr)
HF 660 Strategic Marketing (4 cr)
HF 667 Fundamentals of Digital Content Development (4 cr)
HF 671 Hospitality Revenue Management Strategies (4 cr)
HF 678 Hospitality Analytics (4 cr)
HF 679 Financial Reporting and Analysis (4 cr)
Students complete 300-hour work experience (0 cr):
HF 740 Hospitality Internship

For students currently employed in the hospitality industry, the required internship will be waived.