Art History

  • MET AH 111: Survey of Western Art I
    This course examines the history of western art from ancient times through the Gothic Period in Western Europe. Through classroom discussions, assigned readings, and, should time allow, museum visits, students will become familiar with the development of a variety of early forms of art. With each new style or period, we will attempt both to describe the works themselves, and investigate the cultural, social, religious, political and personal contexts that surround the object.
  • MET AH 112: Survey of Western Art II
    Continues MET AH 111, but can be taken separately. Chronological survey of European art from the Renaissance to the present. Emphasis on the relation of art to its historical and cultural context.
  • MET AH 216: Basic Digital Photography
    Extensive practical application in basic aspects of digital photography. This course covers camera operation, image processing in black and white and an introduction to shooting color and color management at the end of the semester and the basics of Photoshop. This class will offer free use of DSLR cameras that can be signed out for all the assignments, and free downloads and use of the software that we will use for the course. Students no longer need to supply their own camera. Students will use their own laptops to edit and produce photos for their assignments in this class. Photoshop and other software needed for the class will be made available to students for little or no fee. Laptops will be used in every class session.
  • MET AH 315: History of Photography
    The goal of this course is to understand the history of photographic images, their meaning and impact on society. Photographic images are part of the landscape of our experience. We will examine the development of photography as an art form, a social document and a powerful tool for communication and exploration. Lectures, discussions and museum visits will focus on photographic movements, specific photographers, artists and the intersection of photography with other realms of human endeavor. Students will create images to assist them in understanding the simple and complex dimensions of creating photographs.
  • MET AH 342: Masters of the Renaissance: Giotto to Botticelli
    This course examines the origin and flowering of the Italian Renaissance, including major artistic figures such as Leonardo, Giotto, Michelangelo, and Donatello. We will explore the impact of early scientific inquiry, the fascination with classical antiquity, and the changing role of the artist in society through the visual arts and architecture of Italy.
  • MET AH 370: Nineteenth-Century Art
    An examination of the new concepts of reality that grew out of the French Revolution, and how these concepts influenced the critical theories of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.
  • MET AH 372: Modern Art
    Analysis of the work and thought of major masters of twentieth-century painting, sculpture, architecture, and photography, including the School of Paris and the New York School.
  • MET AH 380: Special Topics in Art History
    Program faculty selects seminar topics of current interest, usually with a singular focus, in the field.
  • MET AH 517: Seminar: The Art World
    Graduate Prerequisites: Stamped approval required.
    An examination of the arts institutions, issues, and forces that shape the contemporary art world. Topics include government cultural policy, National Endowment for the Arts, museums, symphonies, curators, critics, artists' rights, public art, corporate support, censorship, feminism and multiculturalism. See also Arts Administration. Stamped approval required.