Important Information

Information for current participants

Working Hours Stipulations

  • UROP stipend payments are paid as weekly salaried payments through Student Employment.
  •  Students are not eligible to work more than 20 hours/week during the academic year and 40 hours/week during the summer across on-campus jobs.
  • Students cannot receive double payment for working the same job. For example, if you work 10 hours/week during the academic year for a UROP stipend, you cannot be paid with work-study or departmental funds for the same 10 hours. However, if you work 10 hours/week during the academic year for a UROP stipend and an additional 10 hours on another job or on the same research project, you may be eligible to receive payment from work-study funding or departmental for the additional hours worked under the hourly guidelines listed above.
  •  All non-UROP funding sources used to support your research project need to be discussed with your mentor.

Direct Deposit

If you do not have direct deposit, you will need to enroll. Instructions for enrolling can be found at: If you have never received a paycheck form Boston University, you will not be able to sign up for direct deposit until after you receive your first check. For questions regarding direct deposit, please contact the Student Employment Office at 617-353-3594. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will pick up your paychecks at the Student Employment Office at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor. Checks will NOT be available for pick up at the UROP Office.


UROP Awards are considered taxable income. Questions about taxation should be directed to the Student Employment Office.

Required Forms

Before beginning your project, you’ll need to complete the following forms. You’ll receive a copy of each in your award packet:

  • Award Acknowledgment Form
  • Press Release Permission Form
  • Patent Policy Form
  • I-9 (Note: You are required to show the forms of identification specified on page two of the I-9 form. Bring them with you when you submit your completed award packet.)
  • W-4 (Note: We can’t advise you on this form; contact the Student Employment Office with questions. Complete the W-4 carefully; it will be returned to you if it is not filled out completely and accurately.)