The BU Common @ Mugar, the University’s primary PC lab, hosts our largest collection of personal computing resources. It integrates cutting-edge technology with the information services of Mugar Memorial Library, in an attractive, comfortable, and convenient location.

The University’s primary PC lab offers convenient access to Microsoft Windows-based computing resources and a broad selection of software applications. Stations are readily available and immediately adjacent to both technology and research help desks, as well as a high-speed print facility. Scanning stations are also available.

Key Features

  • Nearly 200 personal computing stations located throughout the first three floors of Mugar Memorial Library
  • Built with new thin client and virtualization technologies, providing reliable service and a broad range of applications
  • Thin clients use only about a fifth of the power required by a standard desktop PC.
  • Co-located with the IT Help Center @ Mugar and the Print Center @ Mugar
  • An integral part of the Library, with access to a wide selection of research and information resources, including personal help from Library staff
  • Central file storage
  • Scanning stations

Getting Started