Computers & Printing


The BU Common @ Mugar is the University’s primary PC lab and includes nearly 200 “thin client” PCs scattered throughout the first three floors of Mugar Library. Thin client machines are also now available within the Pickering, Pardee, and Science & Engineering Libraries. These computers are all managed centrally by Information Services & Technology (IS&T), resulting in a host of benefits, including significantly reduced energy consumption. The machines offer a variety of applications and are connected to the campus MyPrint network.

Assistance for library or personal computers is available at the IT Help Desk located on the first floor of Mugar Library. Additionally, help can be obtained via the Help section of the IS&T website.


Computers in the Mugar, Pickering, Science & Engineering, and Pardee Libraries are connected to the campus MyPrint network. Printing directly from personal laptops to library printers is also possible. For more details on the MyPrint system, including printing allocations per semester, please refer to the IS&T documentation. Within Mugar Library, print jobs can be picked up on the first floor across from the circulation desk. 

The Alumni Medical Library, Law Library, Theology Library, and Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center are administratively separate, and may have different computing and printing services.