Telephone Services

The Boston University telephone system accommodates more than 10,000 lines serving the Charles River Campus. We provide University departments with a wide range of business telephone services, from office phones, voice mail, long distance, headsets, toll-free numbers, conference phones, and repair to advanced call routing, automated attendant systems, online bill access, and design of office telephone systems.  We also provide students with local phone services through Verizon.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff


The BU telephone system helps you maximize your productivity by centralizing access to a wide variety of convenient features listed below.

Key Features

  • Lines and equipment including desk phones, headsets, speakerphone rental, and toll-free numbers
  • 5-digit internal dialing
  • Detailed instructions on phone functionality, making long distance calls, and utilizing our switchboard operators
  • Robust voice mail that allows you to retrieve and manage messages from your office phone or remotely — from any phone, at any time of day
  • Expert telephone system design services to help you improve work flow and reduce cost
  • UCD and ACD to balance incoming calls among call center agents and ensure that each caller receives prompt and professional service
  • Automated attendant to streamline high volumes of redundant calls or calls that need to be transferred, and maximize departmental resources
  • Prompt, on-site, free repair services for faculty and staff
  • Online billing access for individuals and departmental administrators including information about phone lines, equipment, voice mail, calling cards, cellular service, and work order-related charges through Pinnacle telemanagement system
  • Local telephone service for students featuring Verizon’s Telesure maintenance plan covering repair of the telephone line, wires, and jacks


Departments must provide a requisition for most service and equipment requests.


Varies depending on equipment and service. Please call Communication Services at 617-353-2097 for an estimate.

Getting Started

Click the link on the appropriate topic and follow the instructions.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Communication Services at 617-353-2097 or at