As part of the telephone migration project, Centrex Authorization Codes will no longer be required when dialing domestic long distance calls on the Charles River Campus from new Cisco desktop telephones.

Simply dial 9 +1 + the ten-digit number and your call will be completed.

Please be careful when dialing to avoid misdials to 911 or 9-911.

If you have an emergency you can call 911 or 9-911 from any Boston University phone to reach the Boston Police Department. The Boston University Police will also be notified that an emergency call has been placed by your phone.

  • A misdial to 911 or 9-911 will trigger a visit from a BU Police Officer
  • If you do misdial stay on the line and speak with the dispatcher
  • Stay near your phone until the officer arrives

Individuals can view their monthly long distance detail, and departmental contacts can view all monthly long distance detail by unit/department code.

To request a long distance code, if you are faculty or staff please fill out our request form and fax it to 617-353-2053.  If you are a student, visit Communication Services at 111 Cummington Mall and present your valid BU Student ID.

Please note that authorization codes are non-transferable and are to be used only by the person to whom the code is assigned.  It is university policy that individuals reimburse their department for all charges associated with personal calls. It is the responsibility of University departments to inform Communication Services when faculty or staff members leave the University, by requesting deactivation of any active long distance authorization codes or calling cards assigned to that person.