This page is your one-stop source for a variety of instructions on the campus phone system, from using your telephone, to making long distance calls, to utilizing our switchboard operators.

Forgotten how to forward your phone? Need to make a long-distance call? Bookmark this page to get the instructions you need, when you need them.

  • Dialing - learn how to dial on-campus, off-campus, long-distance, and international numbers.
  • Transfer - learn how to transfer a call.
  • Three-Way Calling - learn how to make a three-way call.
  • Call Forwarding - learn how to forward your line to a different campus phone.
  • Last Number Redial - learn how to dial the last number you called.
  • Phone Model User Guides - learn all about your telephone and its functionality.
  • Operator Services - learn how to contact our operators, who are here to assist you.

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