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Wireless Network Access

Wireless access to the BU network is widely available in all Registrar classrooms, dining facilities, and most undergraduate residences. See our wireless network project schedule for information on upcoming installations.


BU’s wireless network is secured and encrypted using the 802.1x security protocol. In order to use the network, your computer or mobile device must be capable of using 802.1x to make a wireless connection and you must have an account authorized for BU (802.1x) access as determined by Accounts & Access.

Available Networks (SSIDs)

  • BU (802.1x) – Recommended method for those with a BU login name and Kerberos password. See instructions to configure BU (802.1x).
  • BU (requires VPN)  – Older method for those with a BU login name and Kerberos password who are having trouble using 802.1x. See instructions to configure BU (requires VPN) and you can secure your connection with the VPN client as an alternative to BU (802.1x).
  • BU (Guest) – Access to the BU (Guest) wireless network requires sponsorship. Please be aware that the Guest network does not offer encryption.
  • BU Wireless Help - Connect to the wireless network called “BU Wireless Help” only if you would like more information about the other wireless networks.