Please Note: The BU 802.1x wireless network will be retired in the near future. Once retired, eduroam will be the primary wireless network at Boston University.

With this in mind, we encourage early adoption of the BU eduroam wireless network.

Boston University’s wireless network is available for use by guests visiting the University. Please note that personal wireless access points are prohibited on the BU network because they interfere with network traffic.

Accessing the BU Guest wireless network

The BU Guest network allows visitors to access the Internet through BU’s wireless network.

To access BU Guest (unencrypted): 

    1. Connect to the network called “BU Guest (unencrypted) from your list of available networks.

      Choose Wifi Network

Accessing the eduroam network

Wireless access is also available to eduroam participants on the Charles River and Fenway Campuses. Service will be made available at the Medical Campus shortly.

If you are an eduroam participant visiting in one of those locations, and your computer or device is configured for eduroam use, you will not need to connect to the BU Guest network.