IS&T offers shared infrastructure services which include connectivity through an integrated wired and wireless network, identity and access management through authentication and directory services, data center and application hosting, and technical administration.

  • IS&T offers a wide range of technical services to support the complex needs of your computer systems. Services range from hosting your equipment in our modern, secure data center to professional services to monitor and administer your server operating systems, databases, storage platforms, and applications.... more »

  • Centralizing design, installation, management, and maintenance for the entire network infrastructure ensures homogeneity. All the subnets and components work together in a predictable and reliable manner, providing simplicity, consistency, transparency, and security for everyone, regardless of where you connect to the network.... more »

  • IS&T offers a number of services for storing files and for backing up desktops, notebook computers, and servers. These services leverage a variety of on-premises and cloud-based technologies and products.... more »