What is eduroam?

As described on eduroam.org, "eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community." Through BU's affiliation with eduroam, you can connect to the eduroam wireless network at participating institutions, worldwide, simply by logging in with your BU email address and password.

How do I connect to eduroam?

  • Option B: Do a manual configuration as described below:
  1. From your computer or device, select eduroam, which you should see in the list of available networks.
  2. Log in to eduroam using your full BU email address in the form login@bu.edu.
  3. Provide the password you use to access your BU email account. For most people at BU, this password is the BU Kerberos password that you use to access most other BU resources.
  4. If you are prompted to accept the certificate, you should do so.

Note: With newer Android phones, it is necessary to specify radius.bu.edu as the domain name for the eduroam certificate.

Without this domain, the phone will provide you with options of "Do not validate" or "unspecified", which will not allow the phone to connect with the eduroam network

Once you have set up eduroam, your computer or device should then find it, automatically, whenever you are visiting a participating institution.

Can I have more detailed instructions?

In case you need them, more detailed instructions are available for:


I only need to configure eduroam one time, right?

That's correct. For each computer or device that you want to use on the eduroam network, you should only need to connect for the first time at one participating institution, and it will work on that configured computer or device at every participating institution you visit.

Where can I access the eduroam network?

If you are visiting an institution that offers eduroam as a wireless network option, then you will be able to connect to it, as described above. If you are at BU, you can connect to eduroam at the GSU, Mugar Library, Photonics Center (8 St. Mary's Street), and the Math & Computer Science building (111 Cummington Mall).

What's the difference between eduroam and BU(802.1x)?

If you are at BU and log in to eduroam with your BU email address and password, then you will be put onto the BU (802.1x) network and will have full access to BU resources. However, BU (802.1x) is better-equipped to handle higher capacity so, when you are at BU, it's still better to use BU (802.1x).

If you are using eduroam with non-BU credentials, you will have wireless access but you will not have access to the BU-restricted resources that are available on BU (802.1x).