Welcome New Terriers!

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As the newest members of Terrier Nation, you are joining a proud community founded on the principles of learning, virtue, and piety. Our Mission should leave no doubts in your mind regarding these next few years. There will be challenges. There will be opportunities for personal and professional growth. There should also be a healthy bit of fun in there too. Regardless of whether you attend in the summer or in the winter, your University Orientation session is your introduction to all of these experiences.

What is University Orientation?

Whether you are used to living in an urban or a rural community, University Orientation is designed to make your transition easier and introduce you to life at Boston University. This mandatory program gives students an opportunity to:

  • Receive in-person advising about course selection
  • Introduce you to the people in our community and our resources
  • Meet and get to know other Terriers; both new and current students
  • Learn about Howard Thurman’s philosophies of Common Ground; a cornerstone to the Boston University community
  • Engage in a variety of fun social events with fellow classmates
  • Sleep overnight on campus and experience a BU Residence Hall first-hand

Please note that students attending University Orientation are expected to participate in the entire experience and remain on-campus at all times.

Is it open to family?

We, at Boston University, also understand that coming here can be a transition for more than just you, the new student. Sometimes family members want to learn more about the University and the resources available, to meet and network with other family members of new students, or simply to develop their own connections to the University. If you think this sounds like anyone in your family, please let them know about our optional Parent Orientation program. It offers them a chance to hear most of the same information you do, as well as some opportunities to socialize with other family members of new students and University representatives. Parent Orientation can be attended by anyone (parents, grandparents, friends, etc.), but please note this program runs separately from your University Orientation experience.

Additionally, during June, July, and August we are able to partner with our Fitness and Recreation Center’s summer camp program to offer an optional Siblings Orientation for our community members age 5-14 years old. Participants are able to enjoy time in the state-of-the-art facility’s three level gym. Activities vary session to session and are based on the interests of the participants that week. Siblings Orientation runs separately from both Parent Orientation and University Orientation.

Lets get started…

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