Upper-Class Exams (JD)

Fall 2016 Schedule

Monday, December 12                 

Corporations (Walker)
Health Law (Outterson)
Intellectual Property (Meurer)

Tuesday, December 13                 

Copyright (Gordon)
Intro to Federal Income Taxation (Feld)
Professional Responsibility (M. Hylton)
Securities Regulation (Webber)

Wednesday, December 14         

Administrative Law (Diver)
Administrative Law II (Beermann)
Evidence (P1) Lawson
Evidence (A1) Lawson
Secured Transactions (O’Rourke)
Trademark & Unfair Competition (Dogan)

Thursday, December 15                               

Corporate Finance (Griner)
Professional Responsibility (Donweber)

Friday, December 16                     

Construction Law (Rubinstein)
Contracts for LLMs (M. Hylton)
Environmental Law (Wexler)

Monday, December 19                 

Corporations (Marks)
Corporations for LLMs (Marks)
Gov’t Regulation of Financial Services (Roiter)
International Law (Ingber)
Trusts & Estates (Seipp)

Tuesday, December 20                 

Criminal Procedure (Maclin)
Intro to Federal Income Taxation (Sims)

Wednesday, December 21         

Financial Reporting for Lawyers (R. Wilson)
Immigration Law (Sherman-Stokes)


Take-Home Exams

Civil Rights Litigation (Beermann/Merritt)
Criminal Trial Practice: Professional Responsibility (Hurowitz) (12/21/2016)
Election Law (Baxter)
English Legal History (Seipp)
Federal Courts (Yackle)
Health Care Fraud & Abuse (S) Thomas
Intro to Risk Management & Compliance (Boghraty)
Local Government Law (DiAdamo)

Subject to Change

LLM Exams