First Year Exams (JD)

Spring 2018 Schedule

Tuesday, May 1
Constitutional Law (A) Fleming
Constitutional Law (B) Beermann
Constitutional Law (C) Maclin

Monday, May 7
Property (A) Lawson
Property (B) Dogan
Property (C) di Robilant

Friday, May 11
Criminal Law (A) Bridges
Criminal Law (B) Sloane
Criminal Law (C) Leonard

Subject to Change

Upper-Class Exams (JD)

Spring 2018 Schedule

Monday, April 30
Econ. Analysis of Health Care Law (Zeiler)
Private Equity (S) W. Collins/Kendall
Professional Responsibility for LLMs (Donweber)
Professional Responsibility (Moore)
Professional Responsibility (Pettit)

Tuesday, May 1
Family Law (Silbaugh)
Insurance Law (M. Hylton)
Tax of Corporations & Shareholders (Feld)
Trusts & Estates (Seipp)

Wednesday, May 2
Corporate Finance (Griner)
Criminal Procedure: Comp. (Rossman)
First Amendment (Wexler)
Intellectual Property (McJohn)
Labor Law (Harper)

Thursday, May 3
Antitrust Law (K. Hylton)
Mergers & Acquisitions (M. Brown)
Securities Regulation (Webber)

Friday, May 4
Corporations (W1) Marks
Criminal Procedure: Adj. (Leonard)
Evidence (D1) Donweber
Secured Transactions (O’Rourke)

Monday, May 7
Business Immigration (Hauer)
Evidence (L1) Cavallaro
Evidence for LLMs (Brieger)

Tuesday, May 8
Election Law (Baxter)
Employment Discrimination (Harper)
Int’l Business Transactions (Ingber)
Intro to Analytic Methods (Sims)
Trademark & Unfair Competition (Dogan)

Wednesday, May 9
Land Use (Foster)
Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants (Beck)

Thursday, May 10
Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights (Tung)

Friday, May 11
Corporations (E1) Ellias
Intro to Federal Income Taxation (Sims)

Take-Home Exams
Compliance & Risk/Global Commerce (Boghraty)
IP Rights & Commerce for LLMs (Chow)
Telecommunications Law (Diver)
White Collar Crime (D’Addio/Hafer)

Subject to Change

LLM Exams