Academic Programs

Transactional Practice Concentration

Through its Transactional Law Program, BU Law offers an elective Transactional Practice Concentration.

The Transactional Practice Concentration recognizes that many, perhaps even most, practicing attorneys will be called upon to use transactional skills at some point in their careers, and that there continues to be significant demand for transactional/business lawyers. It also reflects BU Law's recognition that today's highly competitive and rapidly changing legal marketplace increasingly demands that graduating students have not only the traditional doctrinal knowledge—which has long been the core mission of law schools—but also basic practice, analytical and problem-solving skills, in order to be meaningful contributors to a firm or other employer from the outset as they begin their careers.

Accordingly, the Transactional Practice Concentration includes required "core" and elective doctrinal courses, plus required and elective offerings focused on building practice and analytical and problem-solving skills critical to new attorneys.These courses often employ simulations and emphasize the business context and the attorney's role in achieving the client's business objectives that drive transactional practice.