Banking & Financial Law

In recent years, the banking and finance industries have been upended by various crises and disruptive innovations. The Great Recession ushered in a new era of financial regulation, including through laws such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In the meantime, decentralized digital currencies powered by blockchain technologies have proliferated, and mobile banking and stock trade apps have put the power of finance in people’s pockets.  

BU Law’s banking and finance curriculum covers all these developments and more. Courses range from foundational offerings that provide an overview of the banking and financial services industries in the United States and across the world to more in-depth classes that focus on specific topics such as hedge funds or charitable organizations. BU Law is also one of the few top-tier law schools in the country to publish a scholarly journal covering these issues with its Annual Review of Banking & Financial Law. In addition, we offer a Consumer Economic Justice Clinic, in which students learn substantive consumer law and develop key litigation skills through client representation; a concentration in Risk Management & Compliance; a JD/LLM in Banking & Financial Law; and the only financial services LLM in the country with its own faculty and curriculum designed specifically for graduate study. Banking & Financial Law LLM students also have the opportunity to participate in the Financial Services Internship, in which they work at least 10 hours a week in a financial-services setting.