Housing and Dining Accommodations

All University students who wish to reside in University residences are required to follow the housing selection process administered by BU Housing.  More information about housing is available at the Housing Website.

Students are urged to submit requests for medical housing accommodations to DAS at least 60 days prior to the first day of housing selection in order to provide adequate time to complete the medical housing accommodation process

Please note that students who require academic accommodations that are unrelated to their residential environment must register with BU Disability & Access Services (DAS) and follow the academic accommodation(s) request process.  More information about requesting academic-related accommodations please visit Disability & Access Services

BU Housing – Housing Preferences

Students who may benefit from an adjustment in their residential space due to health-related symptoms that do not rise to the level of a significant disabling condition have the opportunity to identify their housing preference(s) during the BU Housing process.  These requests might include specific roommates, religious preference, AC unit, proximity to school/college, quiet building, cafeteria, single room, and apartment-style living.

Please note that residential buildings and housing units with air-conditioning do not guarantee low allergens, better air quality, or consistent air temperatures, because most University residential and academic buildings do not have individually controlled air-conditioning units.

 Medical Housing Accommodations Process Overview

Students with a significant documented disability (or disabilities), including temporary injuries, that impact their residential environment must, in addition to following the housing selection process administered by BU Housing, register and complete the DAS medical housing accommodation request process.  These disability-related accommodations might include single rooms, kitchen access, architectural modifications, assistance animals (service dog or emotional support animal), personal care attendants, and/or dining modifications.

Please note that Boston University is not an allergen-free campus and is unable to restrict the behavior of others in academic or residential settings as an accommodation for allergies.

Generally, the housing accommodation process entails registering with DAS, meeting with a DAS staff member, and submitting to DAS appropriate documentation to support the request.  If DAS approves the student’s requested accommodation, DAS will recommend that BU Housing locate a residential space that will meet the student’s needs.  Students are urged to submit requests for medical housing accommodations to DAS at least 60 days prior to the first day of housing selection in order to provide adequate time to complete the medical housing accommodation process. If the University determines that BU Housing cannot meet student’s need for approved accommodation(s), DAS, in consultation with Housing may consider releasing the student from the housing contract.  Requests for housing accommodations must be renewed on an annual basis.

Students who may need dietary modifications for a significant disabling condition are also required to review and complete the following form:

Food Related Medical Condition Form

Housing Accommodations – Procedure Overview

To request accommodations and modifications in BU Housing for significant documented disabilities, you must complete all of the following steps.  These steps must be completed on an annual basis and when there are any significant changes to your need for accommodation(s) or modifications:

1. Register with BU Housing

Information available at Boston University Housing Office

2. Meet in person with DAS staff member.

Information available at Disability & Access Services at 25 Buick street

3. Complete and submit all required forms and requested documentation at least 60 days prior to need (unless sudden emergency or injury).

General Housing Accommodations (two forms)

Accommodated Housing Request — Student Form

BU Accommodated Housing — Provider Disability Verification Form

               Accommodated Housing Request (ESA) – Provider Psychiatric Disability Verification Form

Service and Emotional Support Animal Procedures – please review procedures

Service and Emotional Support Animals DAS Policies Procedures