Data Life Cycle

Data Life Cycle

Creating data


  • design research
  • plan data management (formats, storage etc)
  • plan consent for sharing
  • locate existing data
  • collect data (experiment, observe, measure, simulate)
  • capture and create metadata

Processing data


  • enter data, digitize, transcribe, translate
  • check, validate, clean data
  • anonymize data where necessary
  • describe data
  • manage and store data

Analyzing data


  • interpret data
  • derive data
  • produce research outputs
  • author publications
  • prepare data for preservation

Preserving data


  • migrate data to best format
  • migrate data to suitable medium
  • back-up and store data
  • create metadata and documentation
  • archive data

Giving access to data


  • distribute data
  • share data
  • control access
  • establish copyright
  • promote data

Re-using data


  • follow-up research
  • new research
  • undertake research reviews
  • scrutinize findings
  • teach and learn


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