Annual Lectures

Annually the Center for Practical Theology hosts a dinner and lecture by a prominent practical theologian.

September 2008
Dr. Han-Gunter Heimbrock:  “Practical Theology as Empirical Theology.”

September 2009
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean of the School of Theology:  Toward an Interreligious Practical Theology.”

September 2010
Dr. Thomas Groome:  “Practical Theology and Religious Education:  A Needful Partnership.”

September 2011
Dr. Emmanuel Lartey:  “Beyond Belief: God’s Nature Revealed through Practices of Care.”

November 2012
The Center for Practical Theology & The Center for Global Christianity and Mission co-sponsored this event with Dr. Stephen Bevans:  “Fair or Foul? Contextual Theology and Criteria for Orthodoxy.”

November 2013
Dr. Elaine Graham:  “Jews, Pagans, Sceptics and Emperors: Public Theology as Christian Apologetics.”