Alumni Thoughts on Core

Core means Plato conversations over Warren burritos, loud cheers for Marscher’s tunes, smiles when Ricks relates everything to Bob Dylan, and satisfaction when I realize just how much knowledge I learned in two years. Core isn’t just about internalizing the lessons of old; it’s about learning to break through conventional boundaries and establishing yourself as a well-educated, confident individual in the world. – Holly Naylor (Anthropology, 2005)

Reading Dante doesn’t make sense without reading Virgil; reading Virgil doesn’t make sense without having read Homer. In Core, you read it all, so that you can see the context within which the writer is working. – Leah Nicholls (History, 2004)

The Core Curriculum does not seek to make scholars out of students; rather it shows impressionable freshman the way toward achieving greatness beyond compare. – Benjamin Flaim (Core ’98, CAS ’00)

Core is a community in the finest sense of that word. -Luke Huisenga (Political Science, 2003)

I really feel like Core opened up the University to me, as well as the doors to a fuller education for me and my life. -Kelly Schar (English and Hispanic Language and Literatures, 2003)