Completion of the Core Curriculum with Honors

Work for Honors allows students who are willing to commit extra time and effort to achieving a higher level of command of the material and techniques addressed in Core to conduct in-depth research in an area that interests them.

This research is usually conducted during a student’s junior year. Students begin by consulting with a Core faculty advisor. Together they discuss a particular project and a schedule for completion as well as complete the application for Core Honors.

Completion of the Core Curriculum with Honors requires achieving a grade of B+ or better in all eight Core courses (or, for STEM majors who do not take CC 111/212, all six Core humanities and social science courses) plus ONE of the following:

  1. Completion of a course taken outside of (but relevant to) the Core program, and a substantial paper or project that relates material in that course to the Core program. The paper/project must be defended in front of a committee of at least three faculty members. At least one member of the committee must be from the Core faculty, and one must be from the non-Core course.


  1. The composition and defense of a substantial paper or project on a subject that bridges at least two particular Core courses. The paper/project must be defended in front of at least three relevant faculty members from Core.

Students who satisfy the course and grade requirements, and complete and successfully defend their Honors project, will earn the following notation on their transcripts: “Completed the Inter-disciplinary Core Curriculum in Arts and Sciences, with Honors.”


  • “Proving Thucydides Right: Human Nature and Repeated Actions Throughout History”: an integrated set of narrative, explainer-style animated videos, with external coursework in classical studies.
  • “Evaluating the Present Senses of the Term ‘Political Correctness’”: a study of the use of the phrase in legal, journalistic, and social contexts, with external coursework in editorial studies.
  • “Paradigmatic Heroism: The Archetypal Hero’s Journeys of Dante and Milton’s Satan”: an extended work of literary analysis drawing on philosophy and psychology.
  • “Hajj and ‘Asabiyyah: Social cohesion during the annual Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj”: a research paper connecting the Muqaddimah with travel writing in the Muslim world, with external coursework in comparative literature.
  • “Manifestations, Definitions and Connotations of Décadence in the Poetry of Baudelaire and Symons”:
    a Ricksian study of literary history, with external coursework in English and French.

Note: In some cases, Core Honors projects may be eligible for research or travel funding from Core, UROP, CAS, the Center for the Humanities, or other campus offices.


Core Honors work is usually conducted during a student’s junior year. Students begin by consulting with the Core faculty advisor, prior to filling out an honors application form. The Honors advisor for AY 2017-18 is Prof. Gabrielle Sims,

Applications are due no later than the first week of classes in the semester when students intend to undertake their honors paper or project. Application forms can be picked up from CAS 119, or downloaded below:

Click here to download the Application for Core Work for Honors