Cleveland O’Neal III (’78), President & CEO for Correction III Entertainment Group; Cynthia Cordes (’01), Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP; William J. Lautzenheiser (COM’96, CAS’96, MFA COM’07), Boston University, Lecturer; William John Simmons (’93), The Sports Guy


  • Cynthia Cordes (’01), Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP
  • Cleveland O’Neal III (’78), President & CEO for Correction III Entertainment Group
  • William J. Lautzenheiser (COM’96, CAS’96, MFA COM’07), Boston University, Lecturer
  • William John Simmons (’93), The Sports Guy


  • Mark D. Walton (’76), Onyx Global Marketing, Managing Director
  • Peter J. Souza (’76), White House Photographer
  • Jeremy C. Hobson (’04), Co-Host, Market Place Morning Report, American Public Media
  • Stephanie M. McMahon Levesque (’98), EVP, Creative Writing and Talent
  • Nancy J. Dubuc (’91), President, A&E Television Networks


  • Orlando Bagwell (’74,’77), Documentarian and Director of the Ford Foundation’s Just Films initiative
  • Andy Cohen (’90), Executive Vice President of Development & Talent, Bravo
  • Colleen McCreary (’95), Chief People Officer, Zynga
  • Jason Sarlanis (’05), Vice President, Original Programming
    & Programming Development, E! Entertainment


  • Shauna Dale Briggs Brook (’97)
  • Erica Hill Yount (’98)
  • Distinguished Young Alumni Award: Travis Matthew Roy (’00)
  • Distinguished Young Alumni Award: Samantha Lea Swindler (’02)


  • Al-Zain S. Al-Sabah (’96), Chairman & Managing Director, Eagle Vision Media Group
  • Bonnie Arnold (’78), Producer Dreamworks
  • Eric Fehrnstrom (’84), Communications Advisor, Free and Strong America, Partner, Shawmut Group
  • Larry Hackett (’83), Managing Editor, People Magazine
  • Sandra Anne Frazier (’01)
  • Distinguished Young Alumni Award: Alana Feld Hackel (’02), Executive Vice President, Feld Entertainment


  • Bonnie Hammer (’71), President, NBC Universal Cable
  • Scott R. Feldman (CGS’88, COM’90), President & CEO, Two Twelve Management & Marketing
  • Arthur Worth “Bud” Collins, Jr. (’09), Boston Globe Columnist, ESPN Commentator
  • Franca Bertagnin (’90 ), Director, Edizione Holding SpA
  • Kevin Caliendo (’93), Managing Director, FrontPoint Partners, LLC
  • Maya Ezratti (’98), Director of Community & Public Affairs, GL Homes
  • Arthur Marciano (’51)


  • Jason Binn (’90), CEO, Niche Media Holdings
  • Brian Cohen (’78), Chairman/CEO, GlobalComm Group
  • Richard Halperin (’76), Deceased, Formerly of Quellos Group
  • George Kliavkoff (’89), Chief Digital Officer, NBCUniversal
  • Nancy Livingston (’69), Retired Advertising Consultant
  • Andrea Taylor (’68), Director of Community Affairs, Microsoft


  • George Schweitzer (’72), President, CBS Marketing Group
  • Barry Tatelman (’72), Jordan’s Furniture

2006 Pulitzer Prize Winners Event

  • Thomas E. Fiedler (MS ’71)
  • Ethan Forman (CAS’88, MS COM’93)
  • Daniel Goodrich (’75)
  • Stan Grossfeld (MS ’80)
  • Joseph Hallinan (’84)
  • Karen Elliott House (Hon.’03), LHD
  • Kenneth Irby (CGS’81, COM’83)
  • Stephen Kurkjian (CAS’66)
  • Justin Lane (’95)
  • Patricia Maldonado (MS ’91)
  • Gerard O’Neill (MS ’70)
  • Sacha Pfeiffer (MET’94)
  • Michael Rezendes (CAS’78)
  • James Savage (DGE’59, COM’61)
  • William Sherman (MS ’69)
  • Mark Thompson (’75)
  • Helen Ubinas (’94)
  • Don Van Natta, Jr. (’86)
  • Joan Vennochi (’75)
  • Susan Walsh (’87)
  • Meredith Warren (’01)
  • George Will (Hon.’03), LTD


  • Kevin Merida (’79), Associate Editor, The Washington Post
  • Joseph Nocera (’74), Business Day columnist, The New York Times
  • Michael Williams (’79), Co-founder and Principal, SCOUT Productions


  • Heidi Berenson (MS ’81), President, Berenson Communications, Inc.
  • Gary Fleder (’85), Film Director
  • Tyler Hicks (’92), War Photographer and New York Times Staff Photographer


  • Jeff Kline (’87), President, Brookline Productions
  • Gary Tuchman (’87), National Correspondent, CNN


  • Richard Gladstein (CGS’81, COM’83), President, FilmColony Academy Award-Nominated Producer, The Cider House Rules
  • Renée Loth (’74), Editor, Editorial Page, The Boston Globe
  • Helene Solomon (CGS’72, COM’74), President and CEO, Bishoff Solomon Communication


  • Jan Brandt (CGS’70, COM’72), Vice Chair & CMO, AOL Time Warner
  • Gerald Powers (’56), Professor Emeritus of Public Relations, Boston Universitys College of Communication
  • Bill O’Reilly (’75), Anchor and Host, The O’Reilly Factor, FOX News Channel


  • Brian Bedol (’80), President & CEO, Fusient Media Ventures. Former Creator and Co-founder, Classic Sports Network (now ESPN Classic Sports).
  • Charles “Chuck” Clemente (CGS’60, COM’62), Retired EVP/COO, America Online/RCC
  • Walter Cryan (’56), Retired, News Anchor, WPRI-TV Channel 12, Providence, R.I.
  • Yunghi Kim (CGS’82, COM’84), Photojournalist. Named Photographer of the Year in 1997 by the NPPA.
  • Thomas A. Ohanian (’81), Vice President of Product Development, DMOD Inc. Former Corporate Fellow & Chief Editor, Avid Technology. Member of the Avid Technology Team that received the Scientific & Engineering Academy Award for Editorial/ Pre-Production in 1994 and the Academy Award of Merit for Editorial/Pre-Production in 1998 for the concept, system design and engineering of the Avid Film Composer for motion picture editing.
  • Fonda Snyder (’85), Senior Vice President, Storyopolis
  • Don Van Natta, Jr. (’86), Reporter, Washington Bureau, the New York Times. Pulitzer Prize Winner.
  • Michael S. Willner (’74), President and CEO, Insight Communications Company


  • Luis Ferré Rangel (’90), Director, El Nuevo Día
  • María Luisa Ferré-Rangel (’88), Grupo Ferré Rangel. Former Co-editor, El Nuevo Día.
  • Heather Kahn (’89), National Correspondent, Parenting TV. Former Anchor/Reporter, WCVB-TV, Boston
  • Rick Minicucci (’73), Chief Technology Officer, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Scott Rosenberg (’85), Screenwriter. Credits include Gone in Sixty Seconds, High Fidelity, Con Air, Beautiful Girls.
  • Joan Schneider (’72), President, Schneider & Associates
  • Linda Vester (’87), Anchor, FOX News Live, FOX News Channel


  • Martin J. Doblmeier (’80), President and Senior Producer, Journey Films, Inc.
  • Bruce Feirstein (’75), Screenwriter/ Writer. Credits include Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche (book), The World Is Not Enough (motion picture).
  • Carl D. Folta (’80), Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations, Viacom, Inc.
  • Mary Ann Pires (’72), President and CEO, The Pires Group, Inc.
  • Jay Roewe (’79), Vice President of Production, HBO
  • Hugo Shong (’87, GRS’92), Senior Vice President, International Data Group, Inc. (IDG). Also President, IDG Asia, and Vice Chairman/General Partner of IDG Technology Venture Investment (IDGVC)


  • Roger Bridgeman (’77), President, Bridgeman Communications
  • Allison Davis (CGS’73, COM’75), Vice President/Creative, Dunbar Productions/CBS KingWorld
  • Edward Linn (DGE’48, COM’50), Former Freelance Sports Writer and Author. Credits include Hitter: The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams, and Veeck As in Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck.
  • David Lubars (CGS’78, COM’80), Co-President and Executive Creative Director, Fallon Minneapolis
  • Les Schupak (CGS’65, COM’67,’71), Managing Partner, KCSA Public Relations Worldwide
  • Marcy Syms (’75), President and CEO, Syms Corporation
  • Ruth Vitale (’75), Co-President, Paramount Classics


  • Alan Cohen (’78), Former EVP, Marketing, Advertising & Promotion, ABC
  • Barry MacMichael (’70), Assistant Director, New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights
  • James Morakis (CGS’54, COM’56,’61), Morakis Associates. Former Manager, Public Affairs, Exxon Co. International
  • James Wyman (’51), Retired Vice President and Executive Editor, Providence Journal


  • Carol Cone (’78), CEO, Cone Communications, Inc.
  • Allan Folsom (’63), Author/Screenwriter. Credits include The Day After Tomorrow (book), Hart to Hart (TV Series).
  • Margaret Lazarus (’72), Director, Cambridge Documentary Films. Credits include Defending Our Lives, Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Short.
  • Seth Werner (’76), Former Vice Chair and Executive Creative Director, Publicis Bloom
  • Debra Zeyen (’71), CEO, Women’s Sports Network. Former Vice President of Network Development, CBS Television.


  • L. Carlisle Gustin (’67), Senior Counsel, Clarke & Company. Retired SVP, Boston Edison Company/ NSTAR.
  • Ted Harbert (’77), President, NBC Studios
  • Raymond Kotcher (’79), President & CEO, Ketchum Worldwide
  • Peter Mehegan (’64), Co-host, Chronicle, WCVB-TV, Boston
  • Diana Chapman Walsh (COM’71, UNI’83, Hon.’94), President, Wellesley College


  • Betsy Dickinson Bates (’63), Former Assistant Dean, Boston University College of Communication
  • Agostino Galluzzo (’69), Management Consultant. Also Former Trustee, Boston University and Former President, Boston University Alumni.
  • Atsuko Takaya Iwaki (’77), Manager of Public Relations, Amway Japan
  • Mark Thompson (’75), Correspondent, TIME Magazine. Pulitzer Prize Winner


  • Brendan Gilbane (DGE’50, COM’52, GRS’59,’69), Dean Emeritus, Boston University College of General Studies
  • Joseph Hallinan (’84), Reporter, Indianapolis Star. Pulitzer Prize Winner.
  • Paul LaCamera (’66, MET’74), President and General Manager, WCVB-TV, Boston
  • Joe Roth (’70), Founder and President, Revolution Studios. Former Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios.


  • Robert Ferrante (CGS’55, COM’57), Executive Producer, Public Radio International’s The World, WGBH Radio, Boston. Former Executive Producer, Morning Edition, National Public Radio.
  • David Maynard (’85), Former Broadcast Personality, WBZ Radio, Boston
  • Brette Popper (’79), Former President, Individual Investors Group
  • Dodge Morgan (’59), Owner, Casco Bay Weekly. In 1985 he broke the world record for solo circumnavigation of the globe with his sloop American Promise.


  • Toby Goldberg (’61,’62), Former Associate Professor of Communications, University of Wisconsin
  • Robert J. Lurtsema (DGE’57, COM’57), Former Host, Morning Pro Musica, WGBH Radio, Boston, MA
  • James Savage (DGE’59, COM’61), Investigations Editor, Miami Herald. Pulitzer Prize winner.
  • Cary Wolinsky (’69), Photographer, Trillium Studios. Former Contract Photographer, National Geographic Magazine.
  • Robert Baram (’48, SED’62), Professor Emeritus of Journalism, Boston University College of Communication


  • Robert C. Bergenheim (’51)
  • Ronald Della Chiesa (’59)
  • Joan H. Kampe (’69)
  • Loretta McLaughlin (’49)
  • William Shepard (’49)
  • Donald Segall (’56,’57)
  • James Thistle (’64)
  • Dorothy Williams (’67)


  • Francine Achbar (’67)
  • Martin S. Bande (’50)
  • Robert E. Dallos (’58)
  • David Doubilet (’70)
  • Michael C. Jensen, (MS ’61)
  • Frank T. LeBart (MS ’49)
  • Stephen M. Mindich (MS ’67)
  • Dr. William F. Powers (’68)


  • Major General Lewis Curtis (’55), Commander, U.S.A.F. Air Logistics Center, Kelly AFB, Texas
  • John M. Day (’42), Former Vice President for News and Public Affairs and News Anchor, WHDH-TV and Radio, Boston
  • Stan Grossfeld (’80), Associate Editor and Director of Photography, Boston Globe
  • Nancy L. Lane (’62), Vice President/Personnel and Director, Ortho Diagnostic Systems, Raritan, N.J.
  • John M. Langone (’53), Senior Editor, Discover Magazine, New York
  • Joann Ellison Rodgers (’62), Deputy Director/Public Affairs and Director/Media Relations, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes, Baltimore, Md.
  • Lauren Shuler Donner (’71), Producer, Walt Disney Studios, Hollywood
  • William O. Wheatley (’70), Executive Producer, NBC Nightly News, New York


  • Nael el-Assad (’70), Honorary Consul to the Government of Zaire and Middle East Peace Envoy, Washington, DC
  • Herbert E. Hetu (MS ’65), Senior Vice President, Carl Byoir & Associates, Washington, DC
  • Janet Chusmir (’49), Publisher, Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder, Colo.
  • Bruce R. Marson (’61), Senior Vice President/Programming, Metromedia Producers, Hollywood
  • Arthur L. Sulzburgh (MS ’60), Vice President and National Sales Manager, ABC Radio Networks, New York
  • John Scali (’42), Senior Correspondent, ABC News, Washington, DC, and Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Yinne Wang (MS ’68), Deputy Chief of Film, China Television, Taipei, China
  • Nicholas Gage (’63), Former Investigative Reporter, New York Times, author and film producer


  • Marian Christy (’65), Syndicated Columnist, Boston Globe
  • Emanuel Goldberg (’42), Veteran Public Relations Counsel, Practitioner and Educator, Boston
  • Joseph Headlee (MS ’61), Chief, Radio & Television Branch, N.A.S.A., Washington, DC
  • J. Kenneth Kansas (MS ’65), Manager of Communication Programs, Exxon Corporation, New York
  • Carl Mydans (’32, Hon.’60), Senior Photographer, Time and LIFE, New York
  • Stephanie Shelton (’60), Reporter, WWOR-TV News, New York
  • Al Silverman (’49), President and Publisher, Book-of-the-Month Club, New York
  • Robert Squier (MS ’57), Communications Consultant and Filmmaker, Washington, DC


  • David Brickman (’32), President and Publisher, Malden Evening News, Medford Mercury and Melrose Evening News, Malden, Mass.
  • Terence M. Clarke (’63), Chairman and CEO, ClarkeGowardFitts Advertising and Clarke & Company Public Relations, Boston
  • Edward M. Fouhy (MS ’59), Vice President and Bureau Chief, ABC News, Washington, DC
  • Paula W. Gold (’62), Secretary of Consumer Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Max R. Grossman (’26), Former Professor and Chairman, Department of Journalism, Boston University
  • Robert L. Healy (’51), Bureau Chief and National Political Columnist, Boston Globe, Washington, DC
  • Stephen A. Schlow (’63), Executive Producer, Metromedia Producers, Hollywood
  • Paul H. Spiers (MS ’49), Division Manager, Public and Employee Communications, New England Telephone, Boston


  • Joyce H. Dopkeen (’65), Staff Photographer, New York Times
  • John Henning (MS ’63), Veteran Broadcast Journalist, WBZ-TV, Boston
  • Phillip O. Keirstead (’60), Professor of Journalism, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee
  • Alfred R. Kelman (BS, MS ’58), Independent Filmmaker and Television Producer, New York
  • Gordon Manning (’41), Vice President/News Planning, NBC News, New York
  • Hugh Mulligan MS (’51), Senior Correspondent, Associated Press, New York
  • Laurence S. Sewell, Jr. (’52), International Public Relations Consultant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Richard J. Underwood (’57), Executive Vice President for Public Affairs, Commercial Union Companies, Boston


  • George Beebe (’32), Former Associate Publisher and Managing Editor, Miami Herald
  • Jean Firstenberg (’58), Executive Director, American Film Institute, Los Angeles
  • William I. Greener (’67), Vice President of Corporate Relations, G.D. Searle Co., Chicago
  • Dr. John Michael Kittros (’52), Professor of Communication, Temple University, Philadelphia
  • Ida M. Lewis (’56), Publisher, Encore America and World Wide News, New York
  • William E. Lord (’59), Vice President/Executive Producer, Nightline, ABC News, New York
  • Gene Pell (’63), Director, Voice of America, Washington, DC
  • George A. Speers (’55), Former Chairman, Northeastern University, Department of Journalism, Boston