SHA Embraces the iPad

There are Big Changes under way at the School of Hospitality Administration, and one of them involves one of today’s hottest technologies: Apple’s iPad.

Briefly, we are moving rapidly toward putting our entire curriculum onto an iPad-based platform. We’ve been working closely with Apple to develop specialized apps, and to make our textbooks, cases, and other teaching materials available through iPad Publishing. Some of our students already have the hardware; for those who don’t, we have purchased five dozen iPad2’s, which we make available to students both in the classroom and on reserve in the library.

The consensus among many publishers—as well as SHA faculty members—is that there won’t be any physical textbooks within just a few years. They’re too expensive, too bulky, and—in fast-moving fields like hospitality—outdated the day they are published. By moving to the iPad, we’ve found a better value proposition for our students. We’re calling it “Curriculum 2015,” for the year that our newest class of students will be graduating.

There’s one more important factor pushing us in this direction: the very nature of the hospitality industry. The iPad has infiltrated every aspect of hospitality sales and marketing. Increasingly, hotel, restaurant, and event companies are putting iPads into the hands of their guests to facilitate ordering in dining rooms, through room service, in wedding planning, getting access to the spa, reserving tee times, and so on. We need to make sure that our graduating students are completely conversant in this technology.

All of these changes are worthwhile; they also all cost money. We are determined not to use tuition dollars to make the transition; instead, we have been using gifts to the Annual Fund and other unrestricted funds to purchase hardware, develop apps, and upgrade our wireless network.

That’s where you come in. If this kind of forward thinking appeals to you, please consider making a gift to the SHA Fund today. Change is driving us. Passion—a passion for hospitality—sustains our efforts. Your support helps us succeed.